The next Pietermaritzburg Computer Club meeting will be held at 120 Oribi Road, Pietermaritzburg on Tuesday the 14th of May 2019 at 19:20 for 19:30

19:30Chairperson's WelcomeMike Robertson
30 MinMicrosoft Edge with Chromium Browser EngineThe next version of Microsoft Edge browser built on the open source Chromium engineWayne Evans
30 MinMicrosoft PowerBI DesktopFree desktop application to view and visualize dataMike Robertson
20 MinRefreshment Break
30 MinRoboCopy and RoboCopRoboCopy is a powerful (but little known) command line utility that has been built in Windows since Windows Vista that copies files and directoriesMike Robertson

See you there!


Venue: 120 Oribi Road, Pietermaritzburg Day: 1st Tuesday of the Month

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