PCC Membership

Fees are applicable from April 2013 to March 2014 (Inclusive)

Individual (Casual) Membership - R15 per Meeting
This is for the occasional visitor who does not want a normal, full Individual Membership. It allows an individual to attend any of our meetings. The fee is payable on the evening attended, and is refundable if the visitor takes out a normal Individual Membership that same evening.
Individual Membership - R100 per annum
This is the typical membership. It allows an individual to attend all of our meetings.
Individual (Pensioner) Membership - R60 per annum
This is the same as individual membership, however the individual must be a legitimate pensioner. May also, on request, be granted to full-time scholars and students.
Family Membership - R135 per annum
This allows a member to bring a family member to all Club meetings (e.g. - son/daughter or husband/wife, etc.).
Corporate Membership - 20% off per annum for 3 or more Members
This is for corporate entities that wish to join. The fee will be the standard membership fee less 20% with the following conditions:
  • Minimum of 3 members
  • Single payment by the corporate body
Worked Example:
5 Members @ R95 Each = R475
R475 less 20%=R380
Student - R80 per annum
Students (with a valid student card) and scholars