Previous Meetings Agenda
9 July 2019
Icecream PDF EditorCreate and Edit PDF documentsTed Phillips
WizTree File Space Analyser Use WizTree to find the files that take up the most space on your diskMike Robertson
ToolWiz CareToolWiz Care is a suite of utilitiesMike Robertson
4 June 2019
SharePoint A Document Management system that integrates with Microsoft Office Wayne Evans
Media Player Classic - BE EditionA free and open source audio and video player for WindowsMike Robertson
QuickMon 5A tool to monitor and alert on various local and remote resources and servicesMike Robertson
14 May 2019
Microsoft Edge with Chromium Browser EngineThe next version of Microsoft Edge browser built on the open source Chromium engineWayne Evans
Microsoft PowerBI DesktopFree desktop application to view and visualize dataMike Robertson
RoboCopy and RoboCopRoboCopy is a powerful (but little known) command line utility that has been built in Windows since Windows Vista that copies files and directoriesMike Robertson
2 April 2019
Epic BrowserA chromium based browser with a specific focus on web securityWayne Evans
DisplayFusionManage Windows display behaviourMike Robertson
Windows 10 Next VersionA demo of the imminent 1903 version of Windows 10Mike Robertson
5 March 2019
Annual General MeetingAll
Android AutoYour smart driving assistant that helps you stay focused, connected and entertained.Wayne Evans
Outlook Add-insMake Outlook work better for you using some free add-ins.Mike Robertson
5 February 2019
Fitbit Ionic SmartwatchDemonstration of the Fitbit Ionic smart watch and fitness trackerMike Robertson
Vivaldi Web BrowserThe alternative, highly customizable web browser from the creator of OperaWayne Evans
Input DirectorFreeware software that allows mouse and keyboard access to multiple PCsMike Robertson
4 December 2018
Video streaming servicesComparing Netflix, Showmax and BlackWayne Evans
End of year party Time to socialize All
6 November 2018
NAPS2Not Another PDF Scanner 2 - Convert scanned graphic PDFs to searchable text PDFs and other functionality Ted Phillips
Microsoft Outlook RulesUse rules to manage your emailMike Robertson
Home NetworkingExtending your WiFi and other possibilitiesMike Robertson
2 October 2018
Samsung Smartwatch/Fitness TrackerDemo of the Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch and the Data it collectsWayne Evans
Password HashingHow web sites should store a hash of your password (and not the actual password)Mike Robertson
Windows UtilitiesVarious useful utilities Mike Robertson
4 September 2018
Google Home MiniA voice controlled speaker that can control home automation, answer questions and play music or videosWayne Evans
Audacity Audio Editor and RecorderAudacity is an easy-to-use free, open source, multi-track audio editor and recorder for many operating systemsMike Robertson
Windows UtilitiesVarious useful utilities (Held over)Mike Robertson
7 August 2018
Brave browserA fast browser with ad blocking and built-in privacyMike Robertson
AutoHotkey utilityRemap any key or key combination to run a macroMike Robertson
Flashback Pro screen recorderComputer screen recording softwareMike Robertson
3 July 2018
Sway 2016Interactive presentations and how to tell storiesNicki Davies
EvernoteNote taking, organizing, task lists and archivingWayne Evans
Opera Web BrowserA web browser with powerful and interesting featuresMike Robertson
5 June 2018
Windows 10 April 2018 UpdateLatest features in the latest Windows 10 updateMike Robertson
Concurrent file editingCollaboratively edit documentsWayne Evans
Raspberry Pi Experiments with Raspberry Pi micro-computersMike Robertson
8 May 2018
OneNoteStore and share text, video and audio notesNicki Davies
Online UtilitiesPublic Email address, SMS InboxMike Robertson
Frame - Browser based Virtual MachineRun any software in a browserWayne Evans
3 April 2018
Word Calendar TemplateEasily create your own calendarsNicki Davies
Draw.ioOnline diagram applicationMike Robertson
XMLeXtensible Markup LanguageMike Robertson
13 March 2018
Annual General MeetingAll
What's new in Windows 10A catch-up of features in recent Windows 10 releasesMike Robertson
Azure Logic AppsCloud based Event - Action ApplicationsMike Robertson
6 February 2018
Modern USB StandardSome background info on current USBGuy Dewar
USB DevicesSome current USB devicesMike Robertson
CDBurnerXPPowerful Free CD & DVD Burner softwareMike Robertson
5 December 2017
Microsoft FamilyFree Windows 10 service that connects family members and keeps kids saferWayne Evans
End of Year PartyA time to socialiseAll
14 November 2017
Paint.NetFree graphic editorMike Robertson
Disk UtilitiesManage your PC/Laptop hard driveMike Robertson
TruecallerCrowd sourced cell phone call blockerWayne Evans
3 October 2017
Paint.Net (Postponed)Free graphic editorMike Robertson
Disk Utilities (Postponed)Manage your PC/Laptop hard driveMike Robertson
Truecaller (Postponed)Crowd sourced cell phone call blockerMike Robertson
5 September 2017
Windows Shortcut KeysUse your keyboard to make Microsoft Windows do some useful thingsWayne Evans
Visual Studio CodeFree Open Source text editor Mike Robertson
ProcMon from SysInternalsGet an in-depth view of all the activities occurring on your PCMike Robertson
1 August 2017
KodiFree Home Entertainment media centre for your PCWayne Evans
Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15Copy Drive, Backup Drives and resize PartitionsMike Robertson
Sysinternals AutoRunsInvestigate what is started automatically when Windows startsMike Robertson
4 July 2017
Meeting Postponed to August
6 June 2017
Improve your Google searchingTips on using Google search effectivelyMike Robertson
Avoid Malware & Virus infectionDo's and Don'ts to keep your devices safeMike Robertson
Free Download ManagerControl file downloadsMike Robertson
2 May 2017
Windows 10 - Paint 3DDesign 3D objectsMike Robertson
OCR using IrfanViewConvert text image to editable textTed Phillips
Discussion - PasswordsInitial talk about passwords and then group discussionMike / All
4 April 2017
Windows 10 Creators UpdateAn update to Windows 10 due in April 2017Mike Robertson
PushBullet"Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one"Mike Robertson
Sysinternals SysmonBackground monitor of Windows System resource accessGuy Dewar
14 March 2017
AGMAnnual General Meeting 2017All
Screenshot CaptorCapture and Edit screen itemsMike Robertson
The Cloud and AzureYour Server in the CloudMike Robertson
7 February 2017
Google PhotosAll your photos organized and easy to findWayne Evans
Word - Tabs and IndentsDocument layout 101Nicki Davies
Sysinternals UtilitiesCollection of useful utilitiesGuy Dewar
6 December 2016
Google Local GuidesContribute to improving Google MapsWayne Evans
1 November 2016
UrBackupFree Backup Client Server Backup softwareMike Robertson
Raspberry Pi 3 and Win 10 IOTSmall computingMike Robertson
Sysinternals Utility softwareProcess monitorMike Robertson
4 October 2016
Windows 10 Aniversary EditionWhat's new in the latest edition of Windows 10Mike Robertson
If This Then ThatWeb service to manage information flowWayne Evans
Visual Studio 2015 Community EditionFree Development softwareMike Robertson
6 September 2016
Google Office SuiteOnline Documents, Spreadsheet and StorageWayne Evans
Personal Digital Certificate Authenticate/Sign & Certify Electronic DocumentsWayne Evans
Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (Postponed to October)Free development softwareMike Robertson
2 August 2016
Postponed until the 6th of September 2016This venue is being used for Municpal Elections on the 3rd of August 2016
5 July 2016
Monitor your DrivingUse the Drive app with OBDII technologyWayne Evans
Searching files on your PCUse Windows Explorer and other tools to find filesMike Robertson
Upgrading PC HardwareAn insight into the process of making an up-to-date PCMike Robertson
7 June 2016
BT Remote PCRemote Control your PC with your SmartPhoneGuy Dewar
DOSBoxRun Legacy programs on your PCTed Phillips
REGEXUse Regular Expressions to searchMike Robertson
3 May 2016
The WayBack MachineSee Websites as they were in the pastMike Robertson
Google MapsWayne Evans
Excel MacrosUsing VBA to program in ExcelWayne Evans
5 April 2016
Excel Pivot Tables Part 2Manipulate data in ExcelWayne Evans
HW MonitorExamine your PC's inner workingsGuy Dewar
Slide DogFree presentation softwareNicki Davies
1 March 2016
AGMAnnual General Meeting 2016All
JS Create Wormhole SwitchUSB File sharing deviceGuy Dewar
Microsoft Band 2Microsoft's Fitness BandMike Robertson
2 February 2016
SnapchatSocial media chatHannah-Rose Milton
Windows ContinuumRun your office from your phoneMike
Corsair K95 RGB KeyboardMake your keyboard work for youMike
1 December 2015
Interesting WebsitesMember's share their favourite websitesMike Robertson
PartySnacks and networkingAll
3 November 2015
Microsoft Outlook 2016What's new in the latest versionWayne Evans
USB Drive Letter ManagerA free utility to manage USB drive lettersMike Robertson
Solid State Drives (SSD)High speed storage to increase system performanceMike Robertson
6 October 2015
Google SearchGet better search results from GoogleMike Robertson
Windows 10 TipsGet up to speed with your new Windows 10Mike Robertson
Microsoft Hyper-VRun virtual machines on your PCMike Robertson
1 September 2015
Excel FilteringFiltering, sorting and other data interrogationWayne Evans
Raspberry Pi 2 with Windows 10 IOTMiniature computer as an Internet of Things (IOT) deviceMike Robertson
BitnamiBitnami is an App Store for Server SoftwareWayne Evans
4 August 2015
Excel FilteringFiltering, sorting and other data interrogationWayne Evans
Raspberry Pi 2 with Windows 10 IOTMiniature computer as an Internet of Things (IOT) deviceMike Robertson
BitnamiBitnami is an App Store for Server SoftwareWayne Evans
*********** All Talks Postponed until September 2015 ************
7 July 2015
Windows 10The next version of Windows due for release on the 27th of July 2015Mike Robertson
Bitnami Pre-Configured ApplicationsBitnami is an app store for server softwareWayne Evans
Networked Security CamerasAn introduction to IP CamerasPaul Milton
2 June 2015
Pebble WatchSmart WatchGuy Dewar
CourseraFree Online CoursesHannah Milton
Inbox by GmailNew way to organize your emailWayne Evans
5 May 2015
USB MicroscopeA Microscope that connects to your PCGuy Dewar
Leap MotionUse your Hands and Fingers to contol your PCMike Robertson
Optical FibreHow it worksPaul Milton
7 April 2015
PinterestVisual BookmarkingHannah Milton
Photo EditingSoftware to Edit your Photos Guy Dewar
SurpriseSomething interesting by NickiNicki Davies
3 March 2015
Annual General MeetingChairperson
Google TranslateUse Google to translate between a number of languagesWayne Evans
Kindle for WindowsUse the Kindle app to read and mange Amazon ebooksMike Robertson
3 February 2015
AndroidA look at the Android Phone Operating SystemWayne Evans
MalwareBytesA free Malware Detect and Remove utilityMike Robertson
WinDirStatA free utility that allows you to visualize your Hard Disc usageMike Robertson
2 December 2014
GadgetsA look at various gadgets that are either already available or will be soon. If you have something to show you are welcome to do so.Mike Robertson
End of Year PartyA time to snack and networkAll
4 November 2014
Windows Phone 8.1A look at Microsoft's Windows on a PhoneMike Robertson
GlasswireA Free Security Monitor and Firewall ToolMike Robertson
ChocolateyEasy Command line installation of applicationsMike Robertson
7 October 2014
WordPressCreate your own BlogMary Bruce
Ice cream Slide Show MakerTurn your holiday pictures into a slideshowGuy Dewar
Cloud ComputingWhat is the Cloud and how does it workMike Robertson
2 September 2014
PicMonkeyOnline Photo EditingWayne Evans
TeamViewerConnect to another PC anywhere in the worldJames Naiker
BitcoinA look at how Digital Currency works with a focus on BitCoinMike Robertson
5 August 2014
LinkedInA very popular business focused social networking serviceMary Bruce
KeePassFree Password Management utility with many featuresMike Robertson
Microsoft OneNoteFree information collecting and sharing application available on a number of platformsMike Robertson
1 July 2014
Car CameraDashboard Camera and SoftwareGuy Dewar
Utility WebsitesA look at some useful WebsitesMike Robertson
SpeccyHardware monitor software for your PCGuy Dewar
3 June 2014
Publisher 2013Produce professional brochures, cards and other documentsMike Robertson
Kaspersky USB or CD Bootable AntivirusBuild a CD or USB Boot AntivirusGuy Dewar
7 ZIPFree Compress and Decompress file utilityTed Phillips
6 May 2014
TwitterIntroduction and etiquetteMary Bruce
Know your Era, Know your DataUnderstanding when data was created can assist in a better understanding of that DataTed Phillips
Microsoft Publisher 2013Produce professional brochures, cards and other documentsMike Robertson
1 April 2014
Windows 8/8.1 Start Menu ReplacementsHaven't moved to Windows 8/8.1 because of the missing Start Menu? Or you've moved but really miss that Menu? Perhaps there is some help out there.Mike
DropboxFile sharing in the CloudTed Phillips
PDF CreatorCreate your own PDF documents from other applicationsTed Phillips
ScreenShot CaptorFreeware Screen Capture application with many featuresMike Robertson
4 March 2014
Annual General MeetingElect committee and discuss venueAll
PDF-XChange ViewerView and Annotate PDF DocumentsGuy Dewar
PC Performance AnalysisDemo of some free utilities that will assist in finding performance bottlenecks on your Windows PCMike Robertson
4 December 2013
Trinidad & Tobago Open Source DVD100 Top free applicationsGuy Dewar
End of Year PartyAll
6 November 2013
Windows 8.1The free update to Windows 8Mike Robertson
Free HD Video ConverterConvert various video formatsTed Phillips
SkypeFree Voice (and Video) over IPMike Robertson & Guy Dewar
2 October 2013
ProjectLibreFree, Open Source Project Management softwareNicki Davies
Microsoft SkydriveFree online file hosting serviceMike Robertson
SQL Part 2Continue looking at SQL (Structured Query Language) Update, Insert & DeleteMike Robertson
4 September 2013
LibreOffice CalcThe free spreadsheetWayne Evans
PhotobookCreate physical photo albums from digital picturesTed Phillips
Structured Query Language (SQL)Use SQL to capture, modify and retrieve data from SQL DatabasesMike Robertson
7 August 2013
Internet Archive's Wayback MachineSee what various websites looked like in over timeMike Robertson
Libre Office ImpressThe free open source presentation moduleNicki Davies
Freeware: VLC and Media Player Classic (MPC)Alternate video viewersGuy Dewar
3 July 2013
Free Useful UtilitiesA look at some great little programs for your PCMike Robertson
PhishingWhat is it and how can you protect yourselfNicki Davies
Windows FirewallConfigure the firewall that is built into Windows to protect your PCMike Robertson
5 June 2013
DVD Studio ProAuthoring your DVDJames Naiker
Searching Part 2More complex searching using GoogleMike Robertson
Questions and AnswersBring your questions and we will try to answer themAll
1 May 2013
SpamWhat is spam and what can one do about it Mike Robertson
Freeware: WordwebFree Dictionary and ThesaurusGuy Dewar
How to optimize your laptop batterylifeTips and tricks to get the most out of your laptop batteryGuy Dewar
Questions and AnswersMike Robertson
3 April 2013
Windows on SpeedShortcut keys for Windows 7Martin Voges
Word 2013What's new and not so new?Nicki Davies
CrystalDiskInfoMonitor SMART disks to determine its healthGuy Dewar
YouTube DownloaderDownload YouTube videos for smooth offline viewingGuy Dewar
6 March 2013
Annual General MeetingChairperson
Google searchTips for effective searchesMike Robertson
Web favouritesShare web sites that you find interestingAll
6 February 2013
Geomapping photosMapping locations for large numbers of photosMartin Voges
Batch programming tips for WindowsConditional commands and substring manipulationMartin Voges
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Version 12Professional hard disk managementMike Robertson
5 December 2012
Team QuizAudience participation in team quiz - topics related to the 2012 club talksAll
Snacks and Drinks and time to networkAll
7 November 2012
Microsoft Windows 8 ProMicrosoft's latest Operating system (launched on the 26th of October 2012)Mike Robertson
Microsoft SyncToyFree utility to keep a copy of important dataTed Phillips
Solid State Drives (SSD)High speed hard drive replacementMike Robertson
3 October 2012
EvernoteAcess your notes and documents using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.Wayne Evans
Right-click tricksThe usefulness and power of the right mouse button (in Windows)Ted Phillips
Visual Studio Express 2012 for WebFree software for creating web applications and sitesMike Robertson
5 September 2012
Paint.NetA free image editor for the rest of usMike Robertson
Spring cleaning your PCwith examplesGuy Dewar
Windows 7 BackupSafeguard your data with Windows 7's built-in backup facilityMike Robertson
1 August 2012
Google MapsMaps that get you thereMartin Voges
PDF-XChange ViewerAnnotate PDF documentsGuy Dewar
PC WizardInvestigate your computer's hardwareMike Robertson
4 July 2012
LibreOffice CalcSpreadsheet application in a free office suiteNicki Davies
Freeware Highlight: USB Devices ViewerInvestigate all USB devices on your PCGuy Dewar
Geotagging photosBatch pocessing: geotagging & locating via EXIF GPS dataMartin Voges
6 June 2012
Video editing IIIntroduction to editing videosJames Naicker
Windows 7.5 PhoneFeatures of new Windows phone systemsMike Robertson
QR codesDigital signs in the physical worldMartin Voges
2 May 2012
Video editing IIIntroduction to editing videosJames Naicker
Windows 7 File SearchesUsing Windows 7 file searches effectivelyMike Robertson
Digital Photo FramesPreparing and displaying your favourite photos in a digital frameGuy Dewar
4 April 2012
Video editingIntroduction to editing videosJames Naicker
Windows Know-HowNifty tips for Windows 7 Windows ExplorerMike Robertson
Geolocation of photosSharing photos with mapped locationsMartin Voges
7 March 2012
Annual General MeetingReports, Chair & Committee Elections, Fees, Suggestions, RecommendationsChair
FacebookA trip around FacebookNicki Davies
Photo selection with IrfanviewHelpful Irfanview features and tools for evaluating & managing many photosMartin Voges
WiFi Spectrum analyserInvestigating the quality of your WiFi serviceGuy Dewar
1 February 2012
Free GPS UtilitiesUtilities for managing GPS data.Martin Voges
Amazon KindleThe Amazon Kindle ebook reader. What is it and what can one do with it.Mike Robertson
Database .NETA free SQL manager that can access many different SQL database servers.Mike Robertson
7 December 2011
Portal 2A game of Mike Robertson
Fun SearchesSurprise!Martin Voges
PartyBring a friendAll
2 November 2011
Computers and TravelHow I used Information Technology for my visit to IndiaMartin Voges
Windows Know-HowGuy's Utility SelectionGuy Dewar
Microsoft Visio 2010Create graphs, organization charts and other diagramsMike Robertson
5 October 2011
Free Cloud StorageStoring and synchronizing documents on the internetMike Robertson
InstaPaper"A simple tool to save web pages for reading later"Mike Robertson
Windows 7 Resource MonitorChecking system performanceMike Robertson
7 September 2011
Video EditingApple Mac - Final CutJames Naicker
Freeware HighlightFind files on your disk with Agent RansackMartin Voges
Anti Virus Software RoundupA look at free and commercial Anti Virus softwareMike Robertson
3 August 2011
LibreOffice part 2Mail merge and other advanced Writer featuresNIcki Davies
Opera 11.5What's so special about this browser?Martin Voges
SQL Server Express 2008 R2Capabilities and limitations of Microsoft's free SQL serverMike Robertson
6 July 2011
Search engine developmentsWhat's new and different with today's search engines?Mary Bruce
LibreOffice Part 1Writer - the LibreOffice wordprocessorNicki Davies
Home Theatre PCBuilding your HTPC for fun and gamesMike Robertson
1 June 2011
Interesting WebsitesA variety of interesting and useful websitesNicki Davies
Windows Media CenterMultimedia management system built into Windows Vista and Windows 7Mike Robertson
SQL - Structured Query languageA primer on the use of SQL to retrieve, modify and delete data (held over from May)Mike Robertson
4 May 2011
DuckDuckGo Search EngineA new search engine with some unique featuresNick Davies
Windows FreewareA selection of Windows freeware including CintaNotesGuy Dewar
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9The released version of IE9Mike Robertson
SQL (Structured Query Language)A primer on the use of SQL to retrieve, modify and delete dataMike Robertson
6 April 2011
Using Wikipedia wiselyConflicting attitudes on the research value of the collaborative encyclopediaGenevieve Phillips
Opera 11Impressions of the latest version of a great web browserMartin Voges
Netduino+ ProjectUsing a programmable, networked kit to create a custom computing deviceMike Robertson
PicPickPowerful screen capture utility with image editing and other toolsMike Robertson
2 March 2011
Free PDF UtilitiesCreate and Annotate PDFsGuy Dewar
Microsoft Publisher 2010Easily create Greeting Cards, Pamphlets and BrochuresMike Robertson
Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2010 ProfessionalAdjust partition sizes, Image drives and many other disk related functionsMike Robertson
2 February 2011
Windows 7 - 64 BitWhat is special about the 64 bit version of Windows 7Mike Robertson
Serena OpenProj 1.4 Project ManagerAn Open Source desktop Project Management application for Windows, Linux, and MacNicki Davies
Selecting components and building a powerful PCChoosing the best components to create a high-end PCMike Robertson
Multiple MonitorsHow using multiple monitors can improve productivityMike Robertson
1 December 2010
Favorite Google Earth placesMember contributed places of interest on Google EarthAll
GadgetsMembers to bring any interesting gadgets they may have obtained recently to show other membersAll
3 November 2010
Microsoft Word 2010What's new in Word 2010Nicki Davies
Useful Excel FormulaeA look at some useful formulae available in Microsoft ExcelWayne Evans
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 BetaWhat's new and improved in Microsoft's browserMike Robertson
GNU PlotAn introduction to a free graphing utilityMartin Voges
6 October 2010
Pivot Tables in ExcelUsing Excel Pivot Tables to understand dataWayne Evans
Finding Portable FreewareHow to find and download portable freewareGuy Dewar
AutoHotKeyFree Mouse and Keyboard Macro program which allows users to automate repetitive tasksMike Robertson
Microsoft Access 2010What's new or enhanced in the latest version of Microsoft's Access databaseMike Robertson
1 September 2010
Portable freeware part 2
   In memory of our friend and club colleague.
More applications that you can run from your flash drive without installing themVic Hugo
Microsoft Excel 2010What's new in Microsoft's latest spreadsheet application?Mike Robertson
To Do ListOrganise your life with powerful freewareMartin Voges
Filters in Excel Viewing data selectively with filtersTed Phillips
4 August 2010
Alternate Search EnginesOther ways to find what you want on the internetMary Bruce
Antivirus comparisonHow do various Antivirus products (free and commercial) compare?Mike Robertson
Portable freewareA selection of applications that you can run from your flash drive without installing themVic Hugo
Paint.NetLatest version of this powerful freeware graphic editorMike Robertson
7 July 2010
There will be NO meeting in July due to the clash with the soccer world cup semi-finalSee you in August
2 June 2010
Special AGMHonorary Membership: Peter (Pete) MossChairperson
Mind-Mapping SoftwareComparison of three mind mapping applications to creatively help organise your thinking and working.Vernon Solomon
Interaction between Microsoft Office applicationsReusing information from one application in anotherVic Hugo
Internet performance problems?Check the obvious!Guy Dewar
AVG USB Clean Boot Anti-Virus scanDisinfect your PC from a USB stickTed Phillips
5 May 2010
Twitter ClientsUsing Twitter Clients such as TweetDeck to manage Twitter messages (called Tweets)Mike Robertson
Creating graphics - does the software matter?Open Source Gimp versus professional PhotoshopMartin Voges
Free Download ManagerMultiple download, restart download and schedule downloads.Mike Robertson
Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010The latest version of Microsoft's Development suiteMike Robertson
7 April 2010
Creating ISO imagesFree method to create ISO imagesTed Phillips
Intel's new CPUsThe i3, i5 and i7 range of processorsMike Robertson
Who is connecting to your PC?Windows Know-How: Inspecting network connections with NetstatMartin Voges
PC Wizard 2009What hardware does your PC have?Mike
3 March 2010
AGMAnnual General MeetingAll
Sniffing the concealed networkTroubleshooting network problems with sniffers like Wireshark and Network MonitorMartin Voges
Avira Boot AntivirusBoot from CD and scan hard drive directlyTed Phillips
Windows PowerShellDOS on steroidsMike Robertson
3 February 2010
Windows 7The latest operating system from Microsoft - do you need it?Mike Robertson
KeepPassStore username and passwordsMike Robertson
Prevent Autorun InfectionsStop viruses on USB storage devicesTed Phillps
Microsoft Security EssentialsAntivirus, AntispywareMike Robertson
2 December 2009
ReadabilitySay goodbye to superfluous stuff on your browserMary Bruce
Alternate Character set ASCIIHow to get non keyboard charactersMargaret Meek
Browser AnnoyancesWhat irritates you in the browser you useMartin Voges
SocialEnd-of-year party timeAll
4 November 2009
Quickbooks LiteFree version of Quickbooks accounting softwareMargaret Meek
Common Windows shortcut keysWork more efficientlyMartin Voges
PicPick Screen CaptureSave parts of your screen for manuals etcMike Robertson
LTSpiceElectronic Circuit Simulation SoftwarePete Moss
7 October 2009
Audacity (Held over from September)Freeware Sound EditorPete Moss
Batch to ExeConvert batch files to executablesTed Phillips
Microsoft Expression WebCreate web sites with the new 'Frontpage'Mike Robertson
2 September 2009
Social BookmarkingSave your favourite websites onlineNicki Davies
Download AcceleratorsLeechget & Free Download ManagerMike Robertson
TrueCryptEncrypt USB Sticks etc to protect your dataMike Robertson
Microsoft SilverlightCreate Interactive applications for the internetMike Robertson
5 August 2009
Microsoft One-NoteOrganizing thoughts and DataNicki Davies
TwitterSubmit messages (tweet) to a social network service also known as Micro-BloggingNicki Davies
Windows Knowhow - 7 ZIPFree Unzip Zip utilityMike Robertson
Superimposing photosCreate your own desktop WallpaperMartin Voges
1 July 2009
BingMicrosoft's new search engineNicki Davies
Convert PDF to Word documentsFreeware Nicki Davies
Chrome security settings Lock down Google's browserMary Bruce
New developments from GoogleMary Bruce DatabaseOpensource databaseMike Robertson
3 June 2009
BlogEngine.netA free Blog for your websiteMike Robertson
BBCodeHow BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) is used to keep a blog up to datePete Moss
Vector Graphics in IfranViewLesser known capabilities of IrfanViewPete Moss
Chrome security settingsLock down Google's browserMary Bruce
Safari Browser for WindowsApple's free Web Browser for WindowsMike Robertson
6 May 2009
OpenOffice.Org version 3 CalcThe free spreadsheet component of this business suiteNicki Davies
Web Application SecurityThreats and Countermeasures - Understand the issues and avoid the problemsMike Robertson
Windows Know-HowWindows Logo Key: Powerful keyboard shortcutsTed Phillips
Windows 7 (Beta)A preview of Microsoft's next operating systemMike Robertson
1 April 2009 3.0 Impress The Presentation Application available in 3.0Nicki Davies
Sharing photos on the webPicasa Web AlbumsMartin Voges
Freeware HighlightFind that file with Agent RansackMartin Voges
Smart Searching the WebHow to search the web in order to find what you want as quickly as possiblePete Moss
Which display is right for you?A comparison of flat-screen and glass-tube (CRT) monitorsPete Moss
4 March 2009
Annual General MeetingAll version 3 Part I - WriterA look at the Wordproccessing component of this powerful free software suiteNicki Davies
Smart Searching the WebHow to search the web in order to find what you want as quickly as possiblePete Moss
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 (Beta)The latest version of Microsoft browser due for release real soonMike Robertson
4 February 2009
Searching the hidden webFinding information beyond the reach of traditional search enginesMary Bruce
SyncbackBackup and synchronsie files in different locationsMike Robertson
Manage your disk with EASEUS Partition ManagerCopy, move, delete, resize, etc. your disk partitionsPete Moss
Fiddler web debugging toolAccess the HTTP traffic to debug your webMike Robertson
3 December 2008
Google ChromeGoogle's free browserMary Bruce
Favourite sitesMembers share their favourite sitesMike Robertson
Windows Freeware Paint.NET and FreeOCR.NETMike Robertson
End of Year Party
5 November 2008
Bushman Art ProjectDigital documentation of the rock art of the Drakensberg and a web-based management systemCarl Grossman
Is your website readable?Measure how easy it is to read and comprehend a web pageNathi Ndlovu
Video on Security (Part 1) "It's 11 PM -Do you know where your data is?"Popular speaker on information securitySteve Riley (on video)
1 October 2008
Adobe Buzzword Online Word ProcessorNicki Davies
Freeware Highlight: CDBurnerXPA free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including recent formatsGuy Dewar
Windows Know-How: DefragmentationDefragmentation improves hard disk performanceMike Robertson
Sql Server 2008 ExpressMicrosoft's free Database serverMike Robertson
3 September 2008
Microsoft Movie MakerHome movie editor bundled with WindowsIna Koen
Protecting your children from Facebook dangersFacebook SecurityMary Bruce
Directory and File CompareUtilities to manage copies of files and directoriesMike Robertson
FireFox 3Popular Open Source web browserMike Robertson
6 August 2008
Protecting your children from Facebook dangersFacebook SecurityMary Bruce
Does your Word Spike and Calc?Secret features of WordNicki Davies
Are deleted files really gone?"Recuva" files you thought were gone for goodTed Phillips
Web browser of choiceOperaMartin Voges
2 July 2008
Easy creation of newsletters, invitations, pamphlets Microsoft PublisherMike Robertson
CD content from your hard diskDaemon toolsMike Robertson
Using online surveysGetting information from data, question types ...Martin Voges
Automate finding and editing of text Regular expressionsMartin Voges
4 June 2008
Computer FaireNews from South Africa's premier computer exhibitionMike Robertson
Network Time Protocol (NTP)Keep your computer time accurateMike Robertson
Firewalls Part 2Demonstration of Firewalls using free ZoneAlarmPete Moss
AVG v8 Free AntivirusThe latest free Antivirus replacing 7.5Mike Robertson
7 May 2008
Facebook at work!Social networking for business valueMary Bruce
Online SurveysSurveys on the net with LimeSurvey, an Open Source web applicationMartin Voges
Firewalls and SecurityWhy you should use a firewallPete Moss
Microsoft Virtual ServerFree application that allows multiple Virtual Servers to run on one computerMike Robertson
2 April 2008
Facebook at work! (Postponed by ESKOM)Social networking for business valueMary Bruce
Network Time Protocol (NTP) (Postponed by ESKOM)Set your PC time to Atomic clock accuracyMike Robertson
Online Surveys (Postponed by ESKOM)Surveys on the net with LimeSurvey, an Open Source web applicationMartin Voges
Firewalls and Security (Postponed by ESKOM)Why you should use a firewallPete Moss
Microsoft Virtual Server (Postponed by ESKOM)Free application that allows multiple Virtual Servers to run on one computerMike Robertson
5 March 2008
AGMAnnual General MeetingAll
Freeware HighlightsGoogle's Picasa for managing photosMike Robertson
Firewalls part 1Implementing your own firewallPete Moss
Windows KnowHowHow much memory (RAM) is enough?Mike Robertson
6 February 2008
Social Networking A look at Facebook and Linked-InMikeRobertson / Nicki Davies
PDF WriterCreate PDF documents easily by printing to a PDF-creating Printer DriverMike Robertson
IrfanViewWhat's new in this brilliant freeware image viewer and manipulation programGuy Dewar
Firewalls part 1How do firewalls workPete Moss
5 December 2007
Good destinations on the WebYour favourite places on the webMike Robertson
Your questions answeredMember supplied questions answeredEverybody
New gamesGames for you and your childrenMike
PartySnacks and refreshments provided; you're welcome to contribute some.All
7 November 2007
Google EarthOnline map of the worldGuy Dewar
Freeware HighlightWinDirStat to explore hard disk usageTed Phillips
PDA and Cellphone in oneDemonstration of TYTNMike Robertson
Freeware HighlightWindows in a Box and othersGuy Dewar
3 October 2007
Google Calendar Keep track of and share events in your lifeWayne Evans
VicMan Photo SuitePhoto retouching applicationGuy Dewar
Useful small utilitiesSome small utilities and tipsGuy Dewar
Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition (Beta 2)The next version of Microsoft's free web development platformMike Robertson
5 September 2007
Design a Usable WebsiteUsability issues encountered in a web site's developmentMartin Voges
Windows Know-HowCreate your own symbols or font characters with Private Character EditorMartin Voges
Google PopRead your GMail email offlinePete Moss
Visual Basic.NET Express 2008 BetaThe next version of the free development application from MicrosoftMike Robertson
1 August 2007
Microsoft Office AccountingFree accounting packageMargaret Meek
Windows Know-howCreate self extracting compressed filesMartin Voges
Freeware HighlightZoomitMartin Voges
Managing Removable DrivesHow to find a missing USB storage device and changing the drive letterTed Phillips
Omea ProIntegrated Information Environment Mike Robertson
4 July 2007
Microsoft Virtual PCRun Windows XP, Windows 3.1, MSDOS or Linux all on the same PC at the same timeKerwin Basson
Power Calculator and CalculatorPlusComparison of free Microsoft calculatorsTed Phillips
Copernic Desktop SearchIndex your hard drive for fast local and internet searchMary Bruce
Windows Media PlayerWhat you can do with Microsoft's Media PlayerMike Robertson
6 June 2007
Google Apps for Your DomainFree, customised, web-based email, calendar, and office suite for your domainWayne Evans
Video DemoMicrosoft's Surface Computingon10.NET
FutureXA report back on the FutureX trade faireMike Robertson
2 May 2007
3G internetBroadband cell phone internet accessGuy Dewar
Ultimate Boot CDEmergency XP boot CDGuy Dewar
Freeware HighlightSynctoy to synchronise files between two locationsMike Robertson
Visio 2007Microsoft's new version of the charting applicationMike Robertson
4 April 2007
What do Google Apps' online office applications offer?Is the Google generation becoming Google dependent?Nicki Davies
SMARTMonitoring your hard disk drive's healthGuy Dewar
Freeware HighlightArtrage : Painting and drawing programmeGuy Dewar
Building a new PCDeciding on and purchasing components, assembling the PC etc.Mike Robertson
7 March 2007
Annual General MeetingChairperson
Windows VistaOverview of Microsoft's new operating systemMike Robertson
Freeware HighlightsTime, date & memory utilityTed Phillips
Freeware HighlightsScreencapture utilitiesMartin Voges
Hard disk drivesWhat you can get for your money todayPete Moss
7 February 2007
MS Publisher 2007Mike Robertson
AVGMike Robertson
Creating a (free) wikiMartin Voges
Hard disk drivesHeld over ...Pete Moss
6 December 2006
Latest gamesNeed for Speed: Carbon - and othersMike Robertson
Most memorable IT ideas of the yearShare what the worst or best information technology ideas of the past year were in your opinion.All
Party!Bring some snacks and refreshments and party with us until your connection times out ...All
1 November 2006
PayPalNow available in South AfricaMike Robertson
Microsoft Excel & Powerpoint 2007What's newNicki Davies
IrfanviewMore than just an image viewerGuy Dewar
Intelligent searchingFind what you want on the internetPete Moss
4 October 2006
Secure EmailEnsuring that your mail correspondence is not tampered with etc.Mark Heyink & Maeson Maherry
IrfanviewMore than just an image viewerGuy Dewar
Microsoft Word 2007What's newNicki Davies
6 September 2006
WikiCollaborative web publishingMary Bruce
Freeware HighlightUsing IrfanviewTed Phillips
Visual Web Developer ExpressMicrosoft's Free Web Developer Application (Part 2)Mike Robertson
2 August 2006
Open Source SoftwareWhat is it? How does it work?Mike Robertson
Open Source ExamplesA Demonstration of some Open Source softwareMike Robertson
Hardware trendsProcessors (CPUs)Pete Moss
Visual Studio 2005 Web Developer ExpressMicrosoft's Free Web Developer ApplicationMike Robertson
5 July 2006
Online socialising - holiday project 1MySpaceMary Bruce
Online socialising - holiday project 2BloggingMary Bruce
Freeware HighlightSharePod - copy music from your Ipod to your PCGuy Dewar
Game newsNew game selectionMike Robertson
Visual Basic ExpressFree programming software from MicrosoftMike Robertson
7 June 2006
ADSL OverviewWhat to consider if you want a faster, dedicated ADSL internet connection.Janine Gerson of First Technology
Portable FreewareA selection of freeware can be used without installing on your hard disk.Guy Dewar
Futurex 2006 ReportNoteworthy and interesting developments seen at the exhibition.Mike Robertson
3 May 2006
The Linux alternative - Live!A guided tour of Linux alternatives to common Windows desktop applications for small office/home useMatt Erasmus of DcData
Internet Explorer 7 previewWhat's new in Microsoft's redesigned web browser?Mike Robertson
Google utilitiesGoogle's specialised searches, services, and tools.Mary Bruce
5 April 2006
The Linux alternativeIntroduction to Linux as a replacement for Windows as a server as well as on the desktopMatt Erasmus of DcData
Yankee-ClipperPowerful clipboard extenderMike Robertson
SnagitScreen capture and print utilityMike Robertson
1 March 2006
Annual General MeetingChairperson
Freeware HighlightsOverview of the 2006 Pricelessware CDGuy Dewar
MS Office Document ImagingOCR tool bundled with OfficeMartin Voges
Free antivirus softwareAn overview of AVG and ClamWinMike Robertson
1 February 2006
What's new for computing in 2006Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show and beyondMary Bruce
MS Redaction toolCensoring text from Word documentsNicky Davies
Partition MagicRearranging hard drive space without losing dataPete Moss
Need for Speed - Most WantedThe latest gameMike Robertson
7 December 2005
PC GameAge of Empires IIIMike Robertson
GadgetsGift ideasVarious
2 November 2005
Physical PC SecuritySecure your PC, Laptop or LCD MonitorWillem van den Brink from SecuPlus
Freeware HighlightFile recovery part 2 - Zero Assumption Digital Image RecoveryTed Phillips
Phishing, Phaxing and PharmingHow vulnerable are you?Nicki Davies
Microsoft SQL Server 2005The latest Database Server from MicrosoftMike Robertson
5 October 2005
3GHigh-speed Internet access via your cell phoneVodacom
Freeware HighlightDisk Rescue - attempts to recover deleted files on Media Memory (FAT)Ted Phillips
PC SecurityZone Alarm personal firewallPete Moss
SQL Server 2005Microsoft's latest heavy duty databaseMike Robertson
7 September 2005
Skype Internet TelephonyFree calls over the internet between Skype usersMike Robertson
Virus History and TypesPete Moss
Windows FreewareVarious Image Enhancing applicationsGuy Dewar
PC SecurityWindows XP FirewallMike Robertson
3 August 2005
RSS FeedsPutting the 'current' in current awarenessMary Bruce
Windows KnowHowMSConfig to control system startup for troubleshootingMartin Voges
Freeware HighlightsStartup MonitorMike Robertson
JavaScript 101Introduction to JavascriptingMike Robertson
6 July 2005
Weblogs or Online Diaries : Part 2Creating your own online journalMary Bruce
Windows Know-How: NetstatSee who is connected to your PC - and to whom you are connectedMike Robertson
Freeware HighlightDeep PaintGuy Dewar
Game: Need for Speed (Underground 2)No Seat Belt requiredMike Robertson
1 June 2005
FutureXA report-back on South Africa's Premier Computer and Business expoNicki Davies
Freeware HighlightWinMerge: A utility to compare files and directoriesMartin Voges
FireFox web browserAn open source browser alternativeGuy Dewar
Blogs (weblogs, or online diaries) What value do they add to the Internet?Mary Bruce
4 May 2005
WorldwindNASA's online interactive world explorerGuy Dewar
Windows Know-HowDefrag to keep your disk up to speedMike Robertson
Freeware HighlightTo be decidedGuy Dewar
Database NormalisationMaking efficient database structuresMike Robertson
6 April 2005
MS Project 2003Help with managing a project including listing tasks, resources, tracking and reportingNicki Davies
MS Word 2003Avoiding gotchasNicki Davies
Freeware HighlightEverest Home Edition system information and diagnostics utilityGuy Dewar
Microsoft SQL ServerHow to manage large quantities of DataMike Robertson
2 March 2005
AGMAnnual General MeetingAll members
Thunderbird Email ProgrammeSetup and Features of the free Mozilla email clientPete Moss
Bluetooth demonstrationEffortless networking of gadgets (PDA, phone, etc.)Ted Phillips
Gaming FeatureTony Hawks UndergroundMike Robertson
Windows XP System RestoreRecovering painlessly from a faulty systemMike Robertson
2 February 2005
Searching the WebTips and shortcuts to refine your resultsMary Bruce
AVG anti-virus softwareOverview of the new version 7Guy Dewar
Microsoft's Anti-spywareDemo of the beta anti-spyware utility from MicrosoftGuy Dewar
Home Automation ProjectDemonstration of using USB hardware & programming to control appliancesMike Robertson
1 December 2004
Holiday Freeware Selectionspresented by committee membersVarious
Party!Bring some snacks and refreshments and party with us until your connection times out ...All
3 November 2004
Internet ShoppingShopping safely onlineMike Robertson
The Pocket PCWhy you need a Pocket PCMike Robertson
Windows Know-HowTraceroute to check your internet connectivityMartin Voges
How the internet works: FTPThe File Transfer ProtocolMartin Voges
6 October 2004
Commandline powerSome old tricks and new features explainedMartin Voges
DVD and CD MediaWhat are the differences between the various formats?Ted Phillips
FTP clientsSoftware to transfer files on the internetMike Robertson
1 September 2004
PC electronic projectsControlling gadgets with the parallel portPete Moss
Spyware part 2Free software tools: Adaware and Spybot Search&DestroyGuy Dewar
Freeware HighlightMultitrack sound editing and recording with AudacityPete Moss
Windows XP Service Pack 2What’s new and improved in this latest Windows updateMike Robertson
4 August 2004
Internet SearchingCurrent options and future developmentsMary Bruce
Language-learning SoftwareInstant Immersion Spanish Deluxe EditionMike Robertson
SpywareWhat it is and how to deal with itGuy Dewar
Windows Server 2003Microsoft's latest server technology with an XP interfaceMike Robertson
7 July 2004
The Open CD ProjectA compilation of Open Source software (CD available at meeting)Guy Dewar
Index your disks in web pagesUsing Dirhtml (freeware) to create a hyperlinked HTML index of a disk or directoryMartin Voges
Windows Know-HowScheduler - starting tasks automaticallyMartin Voges
PC electronic projectsA thermometer that you can read with your PCPete Moss
2 June 2004
DTP with Publisher 2003Demonstration of desktop publishing with Microsoft's newest Publisher 2003Pippa Black
Windows Know-HowAutomatically naming a file according to current time and dateMartin Voges
FutureX 2004Report on the premier computer & communication fairMike Robertson
5 May 2004
Visio 2003Review of the new version of Microsoft's powerful charting/diagramming programmeMike Robertson
Freeware HighlightsTreeSize discovers where your disk space has goneMartin Voges
USB LanlinkUSB hardware and software for direct file transfer between computers similar to LaplinkGuy Dewar
Visual Studio.Net 2003New programming suite version - Part 1: VisualBasic.NetMike Robertson
7 April 2004
WiFi networking at homeSetting up a wireless SOHO or home networkMike Robertson
Freeware HighlightsCreating PDF documents with PrimoPDFGuy Dewar
Scanning complex textOptical Character Recognition (OCR) with pictures, formatting, and page layoutPete Moss
3 March 2004
Annual General MeetingChairperson
Outlook 2003What's new and improved in the latest Office email applicationWayne Evans
Scanning textOptical Character Recognition (OCR)Pete Moss
4 February 2004
Word 2003What's new and improved in the new Office suite and Word 2003Nicki Davies
Freeware HighlightsIZArc compression and archive utilityGuy Dewar
How the Internet WorksEmail and the SMTP protocolMartin Voges
3 December 2003
Toys for the holidaysPDAs, wireless peripherals, digital cameras, ... Bring your own computing gadget to "Show and Tell"Various
PartyBring some snacks and refreshments and party with us until your connection times out ...All
5 November 2003
PC Club historyRecollections of a longtime memberBill Abraham
Firewalls: ZoneAlarmUsing the free Zonealarm firewall to keep you safe from the big bad internetPete Moss
Freeware HighlightIrfanview - image viewer and utilityGuy Dewar
Removable MediaOptions for external data storage and transportGuy Dewar
How the Internet worksHow the World Wide Web works - the HTTP protocolMartin Voges
1 October 2003
Video editing on your home PCThe pleasure, power and pitfalls entailed in home video editing -- by an University AV Centre expertRoger O'Neill
Freeware HighlightStardownloaderTed Phillips
Searching the web revisitedFinding answers to YOUR questions on the webMartin Voges
POSTPONED 1 month: How the Internet worksHow the World Wide Web works - the HTTP protocolMartin Voges
3 September 2003
TV and FM Tuner cardHardware which allows you to use your PC as TV/VCR/radioMike Robertson
UPSBenefits of using an Uninterruptible Power Supply and demonstration of related softwareMike Robertson
Freeware HighlightComparing text files with ExamdiffMartin Voges
CSS page layoutUsing Cascading Style Sheets instead of tables to lay out information on web pagesMike Robertson
6 August 2003
Purchasing a NotebookExperiences of buying a laptop computerGuy Dewar
Freeware HighlightAVG antivirusGuy Dewar
Finding FreewareWhere to find freeware on the internetGuy Dewar
Searching the internetHow to search using GooglePete Moss
2 July 2003
Quickbooks 10 ReviewA friendly accounting package for home and officeMargaret Meek
Windows Know-HowDisplay Settings : Keep your windows clearGuy Dewar
History of the PC CPUThe Central Processing Unit's development from the XT to today's P4Pete Moss
4 June 2003
New VenueDiscussion about moving to a new and improved venueAll
Computer Faire 2003 ReportMike Robertson
Windows Know-HowDefrag to keep your disk spinning smoothlyTed Phillips
How the Internet WorksNewsgroups and the NNTP protocolPete Moss
7 May 2003
Ins and Outs of CD WritingDemonstration of CD writing options using Nero Burning ROMMike Robertson
Windows Know-HowResource Monitor can help diagnose performance problems POSTPONEDPete Moss
Scalable Vector GraphicsSVG - the future of internet graphics?Martin Voges
2 April 2003
How the Internet works 1The Internet Protocol and Domain Name SystemMike Robertson
Windows Know-HowPing and Traceroute - tools to check whether the internet worksPete Moss
USB DevicesThe simplicity of connecting a variety of peripheralsMike Robertson
5 March 2003
Annual General MeetingChairperson
How the Internet works : OverviewBasic outline of what the internet is and how it works. Subsequent talks go into details.Mike Robertson
Windows Know-HowThe CHKDISK and SCANDISK commandsPete Moss
Graphics Resolution vs SizeDemystifying the raster graphics (Gif, Jpeg, etc.) concepts of resolution and sizeGuy Dewar
5 February 2003
Search the web from the comfort of your PCFree search tools to help finding information on the webMartin Voges
Windows Know-HowThe XCOPY commandPete Moss
CSS Style SheetsLaying out your web pages effectively with style sheetsMike Robertson
4 December 2002
Megamasters Applied Information Technology Learnership Programme.What is a learnership and how can you benefit?Brian Moores-Pitt
Computers and AstronomyRogan Roth
PARTY!Bring some snacks and refreshments and join us all in the festivities.You, and you ... yes, you!
6 November 2002
Windows XPWhat's interesting about Microsoft's new operating systemMike Robertson
Windows Know-HowPING - the most basic network toolPete Moss
Free UtilitiesPowerful tools to take charge of your PCMike Robertson
Unreal TournamentAre you ready to play? Demo of one of the top multiplayer gamesMike Robertson
2 October 2002
Intel Pentium 4Tips to make sensible buying decisionsMike Robertson
Windows Know-HowThe DIR commandPete Moss
Website PromotionTailor your web pages for high search engine visibilityMike Robertson
4 September 2002
Getting answers from the webHow to get useful results from web searchesPete Moss
Windows Know-HowFdisk (Do you have a backup?!)Pete Moss
Life in the TrenchesLong filenames, Short filenames and related issuesTed Philips
7 August 2002
The GIMP part IIITransforming images using layers, masks, selections in this powerful no-cost graphics editorMartin Voges
Picture formats for the WebWhen and why to use GIF, JPG or PNGMartin Voges
Windows Know-HowMake full use of the Format CommandPete Moss
Practical use of SQL in an ApplicationUsing Microsoft Access forms and reports to filter data etc.Steve Minaar
3 July 2002
Managing Long Documents and Working Collaboratively using Microsoft WordWork with documents containing many pieces possibly contributed by multiple authorsNicki Davies
Visual Basic.NetThe latest version of Microsoft's programming language (i.e. Visual Basic 7)Mike Robertson
5 June 2002
The GIMP part IICreative image editingMartin Voges
Computer Faire 2002Report on the premier South African IT showMike Robertson
Home networkingHow to set up a network at homeAlwyn Hugo
1 May 2002
SPAM Prevention and EradicationHow to avoid getting SPAM Email and dealing with what you do get.Mike Robertson
Microsoft SQL Server 2000What is MS SQL Server and why you would use it.Mike Robertson
3 April 2002
GIMPPowerful image editing software at no costMartin Voges
Current Processors (CPUs)Pete Moss
6 March 2002
AGMThe Annual General MeetingAll
Search EnginesA look at what search engines are and how to use them to find information on the InternetMike Robertson
Lesser Known Microsoft UtilitiesA continuation of last months talk on built in utilities that are provided with your Windows operating systemPete Moss
6 February 2002
JavaScript 101An introduction to JavaScript - what it is and how it is usedMike Robertson
Lesser Known Microsoft UtilitiesVery useful utilities that you may not know you have.Pete Moss
5 December 2001
Morpheus MusicShare and download music from the InternetMargaret Meek
Shopping on the InternetTips on how to safely shop on the InternetMike Robertson
7 November 2001
Windows XP ExperiencesMicrosoft's new operating systemMike Robertson
OCRHow to get the most out of Optical Character Recognition to digitize printed text.Pete Moss
3 October 2001
Good VibrationsDemo of Soundblaster Live with sound fonts etc.Guy Dewar
Creating your first web pageFor ordinary people rather than experts.Pete Moss
Internet mapsFinding your way around your neighbourhood from cyperspaceMartin Voges
5 September 2001
Internet addictionSurfer's liberation or slave to the wave (Counselling psychologist, Natal Witness columnist and publishing editor of New Therapist)John Soderlund
Your first web pagefor ordinary people, not geeksPete Moss
The good, the bad, and the uglyExamples of personal pages created by ordinary peopleMartin Voges
1 August 2001
Office XPWhat's new in Microsoft's latest Office applicationNicki Davies
SQLSQL queries using Microsoft Access databasesSteve Minnaar
4 July 2001
3D ModellingDemonstration of visualizing three-dimensional objectsMark Gutridge, Ramsay Engineering
HTML AnarchyPart 4 in our HTML series shows you how to wreak havoc and have fun with HTML and stylesheetsMartin Voges
6 June 2001
Computer Faire 2001Report on the latest and greatest of the exhibitionMike Robertson
Palm PDA Features and capabilities of the Palm Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)Mike Robertson
2 May 2001
Digital Imaging IIEditing and Enhancement (Improving the images you learnt to acquire in last month's talk)Guy Dewar
Cascading Style SheetsPart 3 in our HTML series informs you how and why to use stylesheetsMike Robertson
4 April 2001
Digital Imaging IAcquisition - Making images with digital cameras and scannersGuy Dewar
A user's experience with Windows 98'Tips, tricks, etc.' for Windows 98 now that the shine of the new has worn off. Bring your own tips, tricks, and questions along!Ted Phillips
7 March 2001
Annual General MeetingAll Members
Viruses and HoaxesDistinguish real virus threats versus hoax virusesPete Moss
Browser GamesPlaying games on the internet with your browserMartin Voges
7 February 2001
Computer User StressDerek will discuss the effects that computers have on us (including his personal dealings with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).Derek Wang (University of Natal)
LinuxOrigins of the Linux Operating System and a demonstration some of its features (Computing Centre for Water Research)Reinier de Vos
5 December 2000
Cleaning a PC MouseDo it yourself!Pete Moss
Internet.all.sortsInternet tidbits for holiday browsingMartin Voges
Heretic II PC GameBlast 'em sky high!Mike Robertson